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What is Checkup all about?


With Checkup, doctors and patients can connect and share health information securely from a mobile device or computer. We allow patients to engage with their doctors and easily share health data captured from various health and fitness tracking devices.

Personalized Patient Care

Doctors using Checkup can benefit from having access to multiple health data points provided by their patients to gain better insights into their health and better ensure compliance with a prescribed care plan. Better information, better care.

Detailed Health Data

Checkup interfaces with Apple Health, Google Fit, and several health monitoring device manufacturers to provide doctors with access to the health data their patients are already collecting using their favorite fitness and health tracking devices.

Our Vision

Checkup is a service that intends to make the business of delivering quality medical care easier and more efficient for both the patient and the provider.
We want to make it a pleasure for patients and doctors to communicate. We believe better outcomes can be achieved if doctors have access to detailed health information for patients who are actively engaged in their health.

Our Features

One-to-many health and fitness device integration through Apple Health and Google Fit.
Direct integration with Withings and iHealth connected health monitoring devices.
Immediate insurance eligibility check for new patient relationships.
Provider claims submission directly through the Checkup application.
HIPAA compliant and secure video visit platform to allow patient-initiated visits to available doctors.
HIPAA compliant and secure file sharing between patients and doctors.
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